Minority Report (Personalized ads)

Brief description

John Anderton walks through a white hall as his retinas are constantly scanned. Large screens display advertisementsĀ tailored for him, with his name written on them, andĀ holograms callĀ him by his name,Ā advertising various products. The adsĀ Ā imply that he is profiled and classified to a type who likes certain products.

Later in the film when he has replaced his eyes he enters a GAP store. There a female hologram greets him as Mr. Yakamoto, revealing the identity of his new eyes.

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
Minority Report Narrative, Movie Steven Spielberg
Aesthetic characteristics
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
I think this is a relevant scene as it is among early imaginations how personal/profiled advertising would look like in the city space. It also supports the narrative with revealing that he has another identity now.(Linda)
This is in Needs discussion, because I wanted a situation that focuses on the ads, however this is also mentioned briefly in another situation Minority Report (eyedentiscans)... Should they be merged or okay like this? - Linda
I think it's good keeping both situations because they are about different consequences of the retina-scan - one identification by government, the other by advertisers. Changed to Two people. - Jill 14.06.2021

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