Machine Vision Situations - technologies, doing, functioning, context, owner, viewed

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Situation Attitude Technologies involved General Situation Sentiment What is the machine vision doing in this specific situation? How does the machine vision function in a larger (societal/institutional/interpersonal) context Who owns/developed the technology Aware of being viewed
The Hunger Games (Katniss Destroys Arena)
The Hunger Games (Peeta's Camouflage)
Death Stranding (PCC 3D printer)
The Hunger Games (Night Vision Glasses in Games)
The Hunger Games (Night Vision Glasses in Daylight)
The Hunger Games (Night Vision Glasses for Harvesting)
The Hunger Games (Ubiquitous surveillance)
The Hunger Games (Holo)
The Hunger Games (AR model of arena)
(Rick and Morty) Rick detecs intruder
(Rick and Morty) Summer using dating app
(Rick and Morty) Scanning feces samples
(Rick and Morty) Rick scans twig for clues
Her (Augmented Reality) Augmented reality, Motion tracking Fun Generating Inspiring/motivating Corporation
Postcard from Google Earth (Satellite images) Machine learning, Satellite images Exciting, Flawed, Fun Capturing, Generating, Identifying, Locating Informing/illustrating/demonstrating Corporation
Song of the Machine (Goggles using AR) Neutral Augmented reality Fun, Helpful, Intimate, Pro-social Capturing, Locating Informing/illustrating/demonstrating, Inspiring/motivating, Replacing Collective Partially aware
Song of the Machine (Goggles using thermal mode) Neutral Non-Visible Spectrum Exciting, Helpful, Intimate Capturing Informing/illustrating/demonstrating, Replacing Collective Partially aware
Nail Art Museum (Generating Nail Art) Exciting, Fun Augmented reality, Object recognition, Webcams Exciting, Fun Generating, Targeting Inspiring/motivating Individual Aware of machine vision
Sorting Daemon (Object recognition) Filtering, Object recognition, Surveillance cameras Dangerous, Flawed, Intrusive, Misleading Analysing, Capturing, Comparing, Targeting Controlling Collective Unaware of machine vision
Iris (Camera) Fun, Helpful Camera Exciting, Helpful Capturing, Recording Inspiring/motivating Individual Aware of machine vision