Machine Vision Situations - technologies, doing, functioning, context, owner, viewed

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Situation Attitude Technologies involved General Situation Sentiment What is the machine vision doing in this specific situation? How does the machine vision function in a larger (societal/institutional/interpersonal) context Who owns/developed the technology Aware of being viewed
Primal Tourism (Virtual Replica) Satellite images, Virtual reality Wondrous Generating Replacing Individual
Minority Report (Scanning bagged eyeball)
Asymmetric Love (Surveillance chandelier) Surveillance cameras Intrusive, Subversive Controlling
Crazy Santa (Santa is not recognised)
Crazy Santa (House owner uses facial recognition)
Narciss (Self-analysing Machine) Intimate Machine learning, Object recognition Alien, Intimate, Wondrous Analysing, Capturing, Identifying, Interpreting Inciting/provoking Collective Partially aware
Jller (Identifying and organizing) Machine learning, Object recognition Helpful Identifying Replacing Individual
Echo (Replacing Face) Empowering, Pro-social Facial recognition, Image generation Intimate, Pro-social Capturing, Generating, Matching Informing/illustrating/demonstrating, Inspiring/motivating Individual Aware of machine vision
Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Generating new images of tulips) Image generation, Machine learning Helpful, Wondrous Generating, Revealing Informing/illustrating/demonstrating Individual
The Normalizing Machine (Classifying Social Normalcy) Camera, Facial recognition, Machine learning Dangerous, Intrusive, Oppressive Analysing, Capturing, Comparing, Matching Collective Aware of machine vision
VFRAME – Visual Forensics and Advanced Metadata Extraction (Object recognition for illegal munitions) Machine learning, Object recognition Helpful Identifying Informing/illustrating/demonstrating Individual
(Final Space) Quinn copies Gary
(Final Space) Hue scans tattoo
(Final Space) Gary scanned as thrash
(Anon) Sal deceives surveillance
Anon (Naked lesbians murdered)
Cooperman spying on employers
Infra (Defiant soldiers)
Incoming (Thermal imaging of refugees)
Detroit: Become Human (AI) Alien, Helpful, Mixed AI (General Purpose Artificial Intelligence) Alien, Dangerous, Exciting, Mixed Analysing, Emoting, Identifying, Interpreting, Understanding Inciting/provoking, Inspiring/motivating, Transforming Corporation