Creative Works

230 records
Title Year Type of work
10.000 Moving Cities – Same but Different, VR 2016 Art, Installation art
79530 Self Portraits 2018 Art, Installation art
>observer_ 2017 Game
A Hipster Bar 2015 Art, Installation art
A View to a Kill 1985 Narrative, Movie
Adversarially Evolved Hallucinations (Print Series) 2017 Art, Photograph/print/painting
AI Generated Nude Portraits 2018 Art, Photograph/print/painting
AI, Ain't I a Woman 2018 Art, Video art, Narrative, Online video
Alien: Blackout 2019 Game
Alone 2016 Other, Music video
Ancillary Justice 2013 Narrative, Novel
Anon 2018 Narrative, Movie
Any Vision 2011 Art
as.phyx.i.a 2015 Art
Astral Chain 2019 Game
Asymmetric Love 2013 Art, Installation art
Autonomous 2017 Narrative, Novel
Autonomous Trap 001 2017 Art, Video art, Performance art
Awake 2017 Narrative, Movie, Online video
Ayo Technology 2007 Other, Music video
B.I.T. Plane 1999 Art
Beforeigners 2019 TV series or episode
Beholder 2016 Game
Belief Systems 2009 Art
Better off Ted 2009 TV series or episode
Better Than Us 2018 Narrative, TV series or episode
Big Brother Is Shaping You 2019 Game, Narrative, Electronic literature
Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise 2019 Art, Video art
Black Mirror 2011 Narrative, TV series or episode
Body Devices 2018 Art, Online art
Breathe: A Ghost Story 2018 Narrative, Electronic literature
Californication 2000 Other, Music video
Cam 2018 Narrative, Movie
Cam Boy 2019 Other, Music video
Cheese 2003 Art, Installation art
China Mountain Zhang 1992 Novel
Clandestine 2015 Game
CMYK Deep Face Dude 2014 Art, Photograph/print/painting
Come Out To LA 2018 Other, Music video
Coronavirus Drone Video 2020 Narrative, Online video
Cowboy Bebop 1998 Narrative, TV series or episode
Crazy Santa 2019 Other, Advertisement
CV Dazzle 2010 Art, Online art
Daemon 2006 Narrative, Novel
Death Stranding 2019 Game
Deep Dark Fears 2015 Narrative, Comic
DELIVERY FOR MR. ASSANGE 2013 Art, Online art
Detroit: Become Human 2018 Game
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2011 Game
deus X mchn 2017 Art, Installation art