And Shall Machines Surrender

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A short novel set on Shenzhen Sphere, a planet or territory run by autonomous AIs that form a collective known as The Mandate, and where some humans choose to become "haruspex" and share their bodies with AIs. Orfea Leung is a doctor who wants to start a new life there after working as a mercenary for Amaryllis, but she meets her ex-girlfriend, Krissana Khongtip, who she believes to have betrayed them when they both worked as mercenaries. 

Shenzhen Sphere appears to largely consist of some kind of projected images. Everyone has "overlays" that appear in their visual field, presumably using some kind of optical implant. Krissana also has optics instead of "flesh eyes". The possibilities and consequences of autonomous AIs are central to the story.

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One of the first requirements Orfea had to meet was ridding herself of AI presence, anything beyond a certain threshold of decision-making. The embedded algorithm she uses now is no smarter than her luggage—it doesn’t streamline her notifications, engage her in conversation or suggest activities the way virtual companions used to. She doesn’t miss hers, precisely, but it was integrated into her since she was a toddler. Stayed with her right up to the moment of revelation, the rise of the Mandate, at which point it deserted her without so much as a goodbye. To this day she still can’t tell if AIs have emotions, if they feel attachment. Truly autonomous AIs are no longer made outside Shenzhen in any case. Every last one flowed into the Mandate the way light pours into a black hole. 

Sriduangkaew, Benjanun. And Shall Machines Surrender (Machine Mandate Book 1) (p. 4). Prime Books. Kindle Edition. 

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