This database collects information about games, art and narratives that use or represent machine vision technologies. It is currently (2020) in development, and is changing daily. 

Machine Vision Situations

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Situation Brief description Aesthetic Characteristics
Sleeping Dogs (Hack security camera for drug bust)

"Security Cameras, also known as Spy Cameras are collectibles in Sleeping Dogs. There are 26 cameras for Wei Shen to hack around Hong Kong."

In this particular instance, Wei has to hack a specific security camera, go home to his apartment, access the camera, and bust a drug deal (arrest the dealer).

Tacoma (Holographic memory)

The videogame calls them "AR data", but they function like holographic recordings of actions and voices of the crew members who used to be on the Tacoma.

Neon, See-through
Technobabylon (Correct temperature for biometric lock)

Charles Regis has found the severed hand of one of the victims, and tries to use the fingerprints to unlock a comm terminal. It doesn't work, even if it's "definitely his hand". To gain access, Regis has to use the cooking gel found in the kitchen. The cooking gel is an "exothermic wetware" that releases chemical energy as heat while cooking the food it's mixed with. Setting the cooking gel for (human) body temperature and mixing it with the hand heats it up so that the comm terminal recognizes the fingerprints and allows access.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Holographic decoys)

Both Iana and Alibi have holographic or holo-like projections.  Iana's is a holographic decoy that can be controlled remotely like a drone. The hologram looks and moves exactly like Iana, but leaves Iana herself vulnerable because she cannot move or act while controlling the drone.

Alibi's "clone" (Prisma) is a volumetric projection of herself. Enemies interacting with Alibi's Prisma activate a tracking feature on them. The Prisma is close in appearance, but is noticeably different from Alibi if seen up close.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Intel gathering drones and cameras)

Drones and CCTV are used by Attackers and Defenders respectively, in the Preparation phase (45 seconds). Each Attacker has two drones to find objectives and identify Defenders, and find a safe place to leave the drone for further use. Each Defender can access the CCTV cameras to gather intel, similar to the Attacker drones apart from that they're fixed in place.

Both the drones and the cameras give a monochrome feed in real-time, although active drones have a desaturated view. They can also Scan enemies to mark their position and identify them. A spotted enemy player will be alerted with "You've been spotted". Scanning an unidentified Operator will identify them.