This database collects information about games, art and narratives that use or represent machine vision technologies. It is currently (March 2021) in development, and is changing daily. 

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Situation Brief description Aesthetic Characteristics
Minority Report (Personalized adds)

John Anderton walks trough a white hall and his retinas are constantly scanned. The advertisement is tailored for him. The advertisement holograms calls him by his name and his name appears in the adds. The directed advertisement also imply that he is profiled and classified to a type who likes certain products.

Later in the film when he has replaced his eyes he enters into a GAP store. There a female hologram greets him as MR. Yakamoto revealing the identity behind his new eyes.

Overexposed, Overwhelming, hologram
ANON (Augmented Reality Identifying and Classifying)

The AR overlay that people have identifies and classifies people. There is two different modes this is happening. When walking on the street each person is identified by displaying their name. Also age and profession is displayed. How people are classified by the system is more clear in the detailed mode that comes to view in situations when a person is interviewed or questioned. Then also sex, ethnicity, relationship status etc. is made visible. A frame around the face implies that at least some of the data is collected and processed by facial recognition software. Other parts of the data seams to be drawn from files connected to the identity. However, the AR clearly displays a bureaucratic classification system.

In the opening scene detective Sal Frieland discovers that the AR fails to identify Anon (Anon) an unnamed woman who hacks peoples' "eyes" to remove records they don't want to keep. He is surprised and turns around when the label Unknown/Error is hovering over her face when she passes by. (Netflix, ANON, 3:15)

The Circle (Mae accidentally broadcasts her parents having sex)

Mae goes home to look after her parents, finds them having sex and accidentally broadcasts it worldwide.

The Circle (Mae goes transparent)

Mae "goes transparent", carrying a streaming camera around her neck all day every day.

The Circle (facial recognition)

Elevator uses Mae's yearbook photo to recognise her.