This database collects information about games, art and narratives that use or represent machine vision technologies. It is currently (March 2021) in development, and is changing daily. 

Machine Vision Situations

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Situation Brief description Aesthetic Characteristics
Freaks (Drone Bombs Chloe`s house)

Chloe has been discovered as a powerful mutant and her wounded dad (who can manipulate time) fights against the agents trying to get in. Chloe is remotely rescuing her mom from a prison (see other situation), but the government is realising they have no other choice than to bomb the house before the mutants go to far. They send a drone called Hellfire to crash into their house and explode. The dad is picking up Chloe and manipulates time so he can get her out of the house and hopefully rescues her.

Targeting, Grainy, Birdseyeview
Freaks (Chloe Remotely Rescues Mom)

Chloe is a young girl with special powers (like a more realistic X-Men) and she thought her mom has been dead ever since she can remember, but the mom is alive. When Chloe learns that her mom is imprisoned inside a horrible facility(she has also special powers) and don`t have much longer to live, Chloe taps into her special powers to rescue her. From her house, Chloe is able to communicate with her mother and enter her captors body in order to free her mom. Chloe "enters" the big guard and uses him to get her mom out. To exit Chloe has to talk to a security guard and pretend to be the guard. Lucikily the facial recognition system says OK and Chloe gets her mom out.

Grid, Birdseyeview
Jiminy (Man Zooms in on Cricket)

Nathanaël is a sort of "Cricket" operator, and is able to control the cricket when he zooms in on it, where the cricket is installed in the persons neck. There is a cricket installed in a young man (who is suffering from a disorder), where it isnt working as it should. Nathanaël is connecting to the cricket and trying to override it of sorts to aid the young man in his everday.

Zooming, Distorted, Detailed
The Old Lie (Is there a night vision camera in the cell?)

William Daniels is an indigenous Australian surgeon being held captive by aliens in The Federation and forced to participate in monitoring painful medical experiments on other humans. He ultimately gives up hope of ever escaping and being reunited with his family, and kills himself.

He wonders whether he is being watched, and hopes no night-vision cameras will stop him, or alert his captors that he is escaping their control.

You could argue that this situation shouldn't be in the database at all, because we don't know whether the night-vision cameras are actually there. I want to include it because it says a lot about the human protagonist's conceptions of the machine vision technology . He sees the technology as potentially watching and if it is there, watching, it has the potential to control him, to stop him from escaping his captivity by killing himself. I also interpret the idea of the possible night-vision camera here as encapsulating William's knowledge that he is trapped, that he has no agency at all, that the aliens have complete power over him, other than possibly in this final act of suicide.

I also want to include the situation because there are so few indigenous Australian science fiction novels, so leaving this one out seems wrong.

I've used the verb "suiciding". This is grammatically uncommon (suicide is usually an intransitive verb: to commit suicide, not to suicide) but according to the public online Oxford the transitive use is possible.

In the novel, the power the aliens hold over William is 1) insitutional - the law states that humans are only probational citizens and 2) physical/technological - the doors are locked, the lights are used to torment him, the medical equipment forces him back to life when he wants to die, the night-vision cameras may be watching him. I read the idea of the night-vision camera here as an example of a machine vision technology being a metonym for a whole system of oppression. It also rather obviously relates to Foucault's panopticon, where the knowledge that you could be watched constantly affects your behaviour.

Temple (Man Steals Arm)

A man is fighting another man in order to get his arm to save his girlfriend/partner. Humans has been forced to become cyborgs due to a virus, and the only way to save her is to give her this cybernetic body part. He kills the man with the cybernetic arm, goes to a lab where the girl is, and he throws the limb onto a scanner. It is analysed and found to be a 100% match with the hosts. The girl wakes up.