Body scans

Any imaging technology that shows parts of the human body that are usually hidden, for instance brain imaging, fMRI, ultrasound, x-ray, or body scans in airport security that show objects under clothing. Includes cameras probes that enter the body. Does not include cameraphone apps for diagnosing melanomas, as the melanoma is not hidden but visible to the naked eye. Would include headbands for meditation that visualise brainwaves, as these are not normally visible.

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Title Type Publication Type
Final Space Creative Work Narrative, TV series or episode
Astral Chain Creative Work Game
The Circle Creative Work Narrative, Movie
Replicas Creative Work Narrative, Movie
The Flower of Shazui Creative Work Narrative, Short story
Black Mirror Creative Work Narrative, TV series or episode
Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley too (Scanning Ashley`s Brain) Machine Vision Situation
Californication (John running) Machine Vision Situation
Californication Creative Work Other, Music video
Totally Normal (Augmented reality) Machine Vision Situation
pplkpr (Body scans) Machine Vision Situation
Neon Genesis Evangelion Creative Work Narrative, TV series or episode
Dirty Computer (Augmented reality) Machine Vision Situation
The Cell Creative Work Other, Music video
Gojira (Band filmed in infrared) Machine Vision Situation
Transmetropolitan Creative Work Narrative
Transmetropolitan (AI) Machine Vision Situation
Daemon Creative Work Narrative, Novel
pplkpr Creative Work Art, Online art
Totally Normal Creative Work Online video, TV series or episode