Behind our Irises

Description (in English)

In "Behind our irises" we meet a young woman struggling to find a decent-paying job. She starts  working at a new company, a market research firm with a growing roster of foreign multinationals. After three months, having already wondered why her co-workers are so obedient and structured, she eventually signs a promotion contract and goes through an "upgrade". Despite warnings about this upgrade, she signs it because of the benefits and the pay she will receive.  

She swallows a pill and has nanobots inserted behind her pupils that let the company control and monitor her, as well as surveilling her surroundings. Later on, the company also inserts something in her neck (there's a dent in her carotid vein, the neck hole is described as a "port" needing maintenance). This advanced upgrade is what seems to allow the company to also extract data from the employees' DNA and nervous systems, using the data to create "100% authentic indigenious products". 

Pull Quotes

Every eye in our firm runs surveillance programs behind its pupil. Connected through the authenticated enterprise cloud network to the central servers of the Firm. Able to detect corporate theft, infraction, abuse of work assets and more. Much more. I knew about the eyes but I only noticed the holes in our necks, stabbed into the jugular, into the carotid artery in that unsurveilled split second when my black pupils blinked silver and then back to black as the company automatically upgraded me. In that fraction of a second, when all their restraints loosened, I tried to scream.

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