Desiluciones ópticas

Description (in English)

Desiluciones ópticas / Optical desillusionments

On March 24th, 1976, a civic-military dictatorship was established in Argentina. During the process, the persecution, kidnapping, torture and murder in a secret and systematic way of people for political and religious reasons were promoted. Propaganda was a very important instrument to publicize their ideology and sport was an even more useful tool. In 1978 the World Soccer Championship was organized, used as an optical illusion to hide State Terrorism.
That World Cup was characterized by a particular celebration. The gesture of throwing little pieces of paper in the air was the way to celebrate the team's victories in competitions. This gesture is still used today.
"Desiluciones opticas" is an interactive work that investigates the social contradictions of that time. It appropriates celebratory gestures to reveal the faces of the disappeared civilians. It inquiries the duality between the festivities and the atrocities that occurred at the same time. Forgetting is one of the biggest problems in a society, this project appeals to memory.



Researched by Graziele Lautenschlaeger

Situation machine vision is used in
I read the interaction with the machine vision in the work as empowering because the act of trowing the paper in this installation keeps the memory those who diapered alive. Here the user is empowered by the machine vision to prevent the memory to fade into the dark. At the same time the act becomes subversive as the initial intention of trowing paper in the air was to celebrate, using the celebration as a optical illusion, hiding oppression. Here the performance reveals the oppression.

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