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 ‘Geocinema’ considers planetary-scale sensory networks —cell phones, surveillance cameras, satellites, geosensors— as a vastly distributed cinematic apparatus:
a camera. Sensing fragments of the earth each signal and transfer runs through their own sets of scales and temporalities while producing terabytes of raw data. Here, the representation of the earth is the sum of a decentralized editing process with its image anything but whole.

A series of investigations that test the claims of ‘geocinema’ unfolds in four parts. Each follows entangled strands into what these sensing networks might mean
through an expanded field of cinema.

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Even if all four episodes reference to machine vision I chose not log MV situations of the first and last episodes. The first episode I found tricky to fit into the database setup.The fourth episode I excluded because my list of surveillance art using surveillance cameras is getting saturated and I felt that there was not much to add with this episode.

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