The High-Rise Diver

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The narrator of this novel is a psychologist hired to monitor and cure Riva, a celebrity high-rise diver who has become inexplicably depressed, and refuses to dive. As a high-rise diver, Riva would dive off the top of a skyscraper, twisting and dancing in complex patterns until activating wings just before hitting the ground and soaring into the sky. But she has suddenly stopped diving, and spends her days moping in her apartment with her partner Aston, a photographer. Riva's investors and sponsors have hired the narrator to watch everything Riva does through surveillance cameras in her apartment and total access to her tablet. The narrator can also access public surveillance cameras, using "facetag" searches (a form of facial recognition) to follow Riva and her friends through the streets when they leave the apartment and to search though papavids and blog entries. 

I read the English translation, which was published in 2021. I am putting 2018 as the year of publication as this is the year the German original was published. -Jill

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