Scanner Sombre

United Kingdom
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The unnamed player character is in a tent in what appears to be a dark cave. The only visible thing outside is a LIDAR scanner and a helmet. Together, they give a LIDAR vision of the space around you, moving as you go. Further in, you scanner is upgraded - you can e.g. boost the scan to instantly scan an entire space, narrow or broaden the granularity, or acquire a "material scanner upgrade" that identifies rock vs. wood and metal, for instance. It's a strange play experience, listening to the sounds of the cave and finding staircases and bridges and figures without really seeing them. Scanning your way through the bottom of the cave and up in the system, you kind of travel in time, from an ancient temple for cultists to mining history and accidents, to a museum. Eventually, you come out of the cave to find your family, mourning by a lake. You're transported back to the tent, go to pick up the scanner, only to see that your hands - without the helmet on - are pixelated.

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