Sleep Dealer

Description (in English)

In the distant future, borders between Mexico and the U.S. are closed. Mexican workers can not physically cross, but they can connect to networked factories based in Mexico where they can manipulate robots on American soil. 

American corporations have taken control of water sources around the world by building damns. Locals are forced to buy water from these corporations at exorbitant prices. Memo Cruz, the protagonist, is a young man that wants to leave his hometown, as there is no future for him there. His father's land is drying, and they can not afford to buy water for their crops.

Memo learns how to hack into communications systems and accidentally listens to a conversation of drones pilots that protect the water sources and dams from EMLA (Mayan Army of Water Liberation). After a drone attack, he is forced to leave his town and move to Tijuana to get the necessary node implants for hooking up into the networked factories.

He starts working as a construction robot somewhere in California and soon discovers the dangers of working as a remote worker. In Tijuana, he meets Luz and Rudy,  who help Memo stand against the system.

Pull Quotes

"When you connect to the other side, your body hooks into a machine. It's a two-way connection. Sometimes you control the machine. And sometimes the machine controls you".  

"This is the American Dream. We give the United States what they've always wanted. All the work, without the workers" 

Situation machine vision is used in
Reduced a bit the topics because there were so many. Added characters and changed the tech from used to referenced and checked that they match with the situations. Satellite images are used in the film to zoom into the location of the drone flyers so I have left it in tech used even if it is not part of the described situation. (Linda)

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