Surveillance Kanshisha

Description (in English)

Surveillance Kanshisha translates to something like "surveillance observer" and "takes place in the 2050s where a United Nations-created special forces unit called Shadow Sword is deployed to protect the Earth-Mars travel route from anti-UN terrorists called Neo Kleit, conducting terrorist attacks to remove the UN's control of the space program. A special public security surveillance network is unveiled for the first time called Project Surveillance, which is used to assist Shadow Sword operatives in their work in apprehending and hunting down the terrorists."

"Players play the game by assuming the role of Shadow Sword team leader Yusuke Sasaki, who the player use in monitoring cameras of Project Surveillance at a Shadow Sword surveillance truck in the game's six chapters. There are six sub monitor screens with the main screen above them as players would use the latter to observe and analyze to obtain information for the level to progress, especially for Shadow Sword operators to move around and complete their objectives, by using target cursors to mark the main screen for The Surveillance to examine with a map on the right side of the screen for locating subjects of interest and where cameras connected to Project Surveillance are located. Proper use of the cameras and using correct judgement in locating clues and items would determine the fate of the Shadow Sword tactical teams in terms of progressing in Surveillance. At the start of a chapter, there will be one or two sub monitors that will function, allowing players to use them. But as the chapters progress, some of the sub monitors will not function (e.g. due to terrorists discovering and destroying the cameras) while others will be online after the player is informed that a sub monitor is functioning."

Surveillance Kanshisha Wikipedia, retrieved June 5, 2019

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