Flåklypa Grand Prix (Reodor sees through smoke)

Brief description

As the race between Reodor Felgen og Rudolf Blodstrupmoen is getting close in the final lap. Blodstrupmoen is using some "dirty tricks" to get ahead. When he is in front of Reodor he releases a ton of smoke, which normally would make it very hard to see where you are driving. Luckily, Reodor has installed a radar on his car, and uses MV in his panel to see his opponent and where he is driving on the road.

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
Flåklypa Grand Prix Narrative, Movie Ivo Caprino
Aesthetic characteristics
Machine P.O.V
Machine P.O.V.
I didn`t find a screenshot, but many people are familiar with this scene and maybe remember it?

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