The Social Dilemma (AI manipulates Ben)

Brief description

The social media AI is personified as three men (played by same actor) who manipulate human teenager "Ben" into spending more time on social media. "Within" the AI the AI is portrayed as real humans, and Ben is portrayed as a hologram/Augmented reality. The AI interfaces with multiple visual technologies in order to manipulate Ben.

Pull Quotes

"I can predict what kind of videos will keep you watching. I can predict what kinds of emotions tend to trigger you."

"There are 13694 people behaving just like him in his region."

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
The Social Dilemma Narrative, Movie Jeff Orlowski
- We decided on seeing "augmented Ben" as an AR representation, and not just part of the AI. -R
As the second quote references the AI is able to predict Ben's behavior because he is similar to others. This implies profiling and classifying people into types that are similar or not. This is also one of the main points of the documentary, hence, I added classifying/classified for this situation (Linda)

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