Emily Eternal (Interface chip)

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When people wear an interface chip Emily (an artificial consciousness) can manipulate their senses so they sense Emily as though she has a human body and is interacting with them just as another human would. 

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The chip allows me to manipulate Regina’s senses of sight, smell, touch, and hearing. Her eyes tell her brain there’s a Caucasian woman in her early thirties with brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a kind face sitting opposite her. Her ears tell her my voice has a mid-range pitch, not too low, not too high, with a slight New Englander’s accent. Her nose tells her I use mostly fragrance-free soap, a kiwi-infused shampoo, no perfume, but a baby powder–scented antiperspirant. When I touch her hand or even embrace her, I come off as warm, upright but not rigid, and a good hugger. In return, the chip gives me unlimited access to her brain, including thoughts, memories, learned behaviors, hopes and dreams, worst fears, and all things in between. Utilizing bioalgorithms, I’m able to create a comprehensive neural map of an individual’s mind that can then be used in a therapeutic context to help patients with their issues, large or small.

Wheaton, M. G.. Emily Eternal (pp. 5-6). Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

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Title Publication Type Year Creator
Emily Eternal Narrative, Novel M.G. Wheaton
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