Squid Game (Robot uses motion detection to kill contestants)

Brief description

In episode 1, the contestants are placed inside a gigantic room similar to a playground. On the other side of the room there's a large robot doll. The game is "red light, green light" and contestants are only allowed to move when the doll is facing away from them. The goal is to cross the finish line next to the doll, but only when it's safe to move. At this point, the contestants don't know about the lethal connection between the game and the rest of the area. One person tries to move when the doll is watching, and is shot. During the game, viewers of the show are several times shown the view of the doll and its motion detection system. A manager is shown enjoying the show.

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Title Publication Type Year Creator
Squid Game Narrative, TV series or episode Dong-hyuk Hwang
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Machine P.O.V
Machine P.O.V.

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