Who*You (Face replacement)

Brief description

The user/viewer's face is captured before the narrative film begins. Throughout the movie, the user's face appears to haunt the protagonist, for instance glimpsed through a crack in his door after the doorbell rings, or in a photograph from a conference the protagonist has just returned from. In several cases, the photograph of the user's face is merged with the main protagonist's face, or seen in the mirror as the protagonist looks down while washing. Finally the user's face completely replaces the protagonist's face, and the protagonist runs, screaming, apparently having gone mad as his identity is completely replaced by the user. In addition to this the user's face and eyes replace the eyes/faces in various images (a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, photos of famous artworks in a book) which scares the protagonist. I haven't registered this as a separate situation as it seems very close to the first, though this is debatable. (-Jill)

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
You•Who? Customised Cinema Installation Narrative, Movie Chris Hales
Who does what?
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
Again, the operator/viewed binary doesn't work with image generation. Also, it's tricky - clearly the user is quite literally viewed by the machine vision. I chose to say that the protagonist is also viewed by machine vision, but in one sense, he only VIEWS its results, rather than being viewed by it. The sentiments I chose are the protagonist's, although the user also feels a lot of this - not just me, also the woman viewing the work before me expressed these kinds of sentiments. It was scary, uncomfortable, disturbing, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to see the end of the film, as she realized that his identity would be completely replaced by hers. (the exhibition text said so and the film starts at the end, with the man running across a snowfield, driven mad, and then goes back 24 hours to the start of the replacement sequence.) -Jill

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