Jason Hatta

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A grad student Emily is in love with.

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Emily Eternal Narrative, Novel
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His name’s Jason Hatta; he’s a brilliant chemical engineering PhD from Washington State University and a member of the university’s quasi-official cycling team. Not to get too stalkerific, but he can often be found on the second floor of the student bookstore, sipping coffee and reading the paper in ways that may seem mundane to some but downright sensual to this computer program.

So yeah, he’s my crush. Not entirely sure when it started (yeah, right—Emily’s Crushing On Jason Protocol went online precisely nine weeks, four days, three hours, and fifty minutes ago…he was wearing a green cardigan), but it took a few hours of systems analysis to make certain it had developed naturally as part of my evolving socialization rather than another mental mouse maze my colleagues had dropped me into. That my emotional responses to it are not only real but ever-changing, as well as its possible-to-even-likely transience, is why I’ve kept it cloaked from my team.

Wheaton, M. G.. Emily Eternal (p. 23). Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

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