AI: The Somnium Files

Description (in English)

"AI: The Somnium Files takes place in a technologically advanced Tokyo in the near future, and follows Kaname Date and his top-secret team within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, known as the Advanced Brain Investigation Squad (ABIS)r. ABIS is responsible for investigating crimes through the process of "Psyncing," exploring the subconscious dreams of persons of interest via the "Psync Machine," connecting the two together in a dream state known as "Somnium." The ABIS agents investigating these dreams are known as "Psyncers," and act as observers in their subjects' dreams, able to retrieve secrets and clues the subject may be hiding or may not be aware of. To ensure Psyncers are not subject to adverse effects, their time in a subject's Somnium is limited to a maximum of six minutes.

Date is assisted by AI-Ball, nicknamed Aiba, an artificial intelligence powered by the Wadjet System, who is embedded into Date's prosthetic left eye, and is capable of communicating with Date as well as provide X-Ray vision, thermographs, zoomed vision, and hacking various electronics. Aiba acts as Date's avatar within the Somnia, and together they investigate their subjects' dreams in order to learn the truth about their investigation."

"Within the somnium parts, Aiba takes on the form of a humanoid and acts as the player avatar."

- AI: The Somnium Files' Wikipedia page, accessed June 11, 2020

Situation machine vision is used in