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Emotion recognition software is being used both as a tool for ‘objective’ measurements as well as a tool for training one’s facial expressions, eg. for job interviews. Emotion Hero is a literal translation of the paradoxical relation between these applications of the technology.

Emotion Hero is a two-part artwork. On the one hand is a video-game that is freely downloadable for everybody with an Android device (see Google Play). Inspired by Guitar Hero, the user scores points by following given cues. It provides detailed feedback on the mechanics of the face (eg. “You showed on 10% Joy when you had to show 100%, smile 99.32% more.”), revealing that rather than being a window into the brain, the face is a controllable surface.

The second part is a projection that shows the aggregated scores of the game. In order to substantiate their discourse, companies in facial expression measurement employ a huge amount of data collection and processing. The results are displayed in a fixed grid, recalling historical practices that, trough extensive measurement and administration, also aimed to delineate something which is conceptually undelineated: think of Duchenne de Boulogne, Lombroso, and Charcot.

Emotion Hero is a playful invitation to open up the box of expression analysis to reveal the assumptions that underlie this technology.
The game's emotional intelligence is powered by Affectiva (I was also interviewed by them).

Source: https://rubenvandeven.com/emotionhero

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