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Selfiecity  is a project that investigates selfies in five cities across the world: Bankok, Berlin, Moscow, New York and Sao Paulo.

In the selfiexploratory web app a online user can explore a dataset of 3200 selfies from 5 cities ( The images are classified according to various attributes including age and gender, if a persons eyes or mouth is open or closed or if the person is wearing glasses. The images can also be sorted according to pose or moods such as calm, angry and happy.

SelfieSaoPaulo is another part of the project and was made for a media facade in Sao Paolo, that was projecting the Instagram selfies from Sao Paolo. In addition to the image the individuals in the selfies were classified by age, gender and degree of smile. The faces were automatically aligned by eye position and displayed with the intention to: "show us diversity of Sao Paulo citizens, and the variety of ways in which they present their self-portraits, including face expressions, poses, colors, filters used, body styles etc. "(1)

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