State of Mind

Description (in English)

In State of Mind there are two worlds, "our" world (usually represented by Berlin and New York in 2048) and a VR world called City 5. Our world is plagued by crime, war, lack of resources etc., and drones and androids are becoming commonplace. The journalist Richard Nolan criticizes the status quo and later finds himself waking up after an explosion, his wife and son missing. Unraveling what's happened drags Richard into a conflict between corporations and government trying to fix everything with technology, and a "terrorist Luddite group" called Breakpoint. Richard becomes even more entangled when he discovers that he's been involuntarily scanned and uploaded in City 5, and has a copy-but-also-independent-virtual-being called Adam.

MV references not included (minor Situations):
- AR game between Tracy and her robot
- body scan machines all around (showing e.g. brain structures)
- the old data that is rescued and then viewed by Alan in a VR environment
- dodging surveillance cameras inside the facility
- data reference: "Everything that bots, drones, cabs and hololenses see and hear, sense and do... that is all saved here... You can reconstruct anyone's life with all that information. Even someone who doesn't use AR."

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