VFRAME – Visual Forensics and Advanced Metadata Extraction

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VFRAME is an open source computer vision toolkit designed for human rights researchers and journalists. VFRAME is currently working with the Syrian Archive, an organization dedicated to documenting war crimes and human rights abuses, to build AI that can automatically detect illegal munitions in videos. Their current research explores the use of 3D modeling and physical fabrication to create new image training datasets. (source: https://ars.electronica.art/export/en/berlin2018/)

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Machine vision is a tool for investigation. Advancing collection of evidence for human right causes.

I am longing this because it has been exhibited in art context and Adam Harvey is recognized as an Artis
The artwork is exhibited as an installation often including video documentation, 3D prints of ammunition and prints. However the MV situation of using object recognition to flag ammunition in a vast amount of video footage is actually software that is just represented and contextualized as an art installation. Therefore I have just tagged for art.

I tagged Helpful, pro-social and subversive to emphasize that even if this is used in a War/Conflict situation it is not for military use, but actually subverting how MV is usually used in War.

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