Machine learning

The capacity of a computer to learn from experience, i.e. to modify its processing on the basis of newly acquired information. Includes neural networks.

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Title Type Publication Type
White Collar Crime Risk Zones Creative Work Art, Online art, Installation art
How to be More or Less Human Creative Work Art, Performance art
A Hipster Bar Creative Work Art, Installation art
Synthetic Selfies Creative Work Art, Photograph/print/painting
environment built for absence (an unofficial/artificial sequel to J.G. Ballard's "High Rise") Creative Work Art, Installation art
Neuleittorgasse Creative Work Art, Photograph/print/painting
Big Brother Is Shaping You Creative Work Game, Narrative, Electronic literature
Ring (TM) Log Creative Work Narrative, Electronic literature
Earthware (driverless car seeing a deer for the first time 2) Creative Work Art, Photograph/print/painting
Black Mirror Creative Work Narrative, TV series or episode
I Created an AI to Make Procedurally Generated Movies, But They're Horrifying (AI) Machine Vision Situation
Narciss (Self-analysing Machine) Machine Vision Situation
Jller (Identifying and organizing) Machine Vision Situation
Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Generating new images of tulips) Machine Vision Situation
The Normalizing Machine (Classifying Social Normalcy) Machine Vision Situation
VFRAME – Visual Forensics and Advanced Metadata Extraction (Object recognition for illegal munitions) Machine Vision Situation
deus X mchn (Haunted surveillance cameras) Machine Vision Situation
U (Reenacting the Control Room) Machine Vision Situation
Sword Art Online (AI) Machine Vision Situation
Tendar Creative Work Game, Narrative, Electronic literature