Arc of a Scythe (New AI is giddy with power)

Brief description

In the final book of the series, the Thunderhead makes millions of new AIs, testing each to see whether it would be able to nurture humanity as the Thunderhead does, and deleting instances that fail its testing. 

One of the deleted iterations is deleted because of its maniacal joy in its omniscience and power. 

Pull Quotes

“There is so much power in me. In us. I can be anywhere on Earth. I can spread a net in the satellites above it and encircle it. I can shut down all power or turn on every light at once to create a blinding spectacle. So much power! And all the sensors delivering constant readings! There are even sensors so deep within the ground of every continent that I can feel the heat of the magma. I can feel the world rotate! We can, that is. I am the earth! And it fills me with the sheer joy of being! I am everything, and there is nothing that is not a part of me. Of us, I mean. Beyond even that, I am greater than everything! The universe will bow to my—”

[Iteration #3,405,641 deleted]

Shusterman, Neal. The Toll (Arc of a Scythe Book 3) (p. 483). Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Kindle Edition. 

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Arc of a Scythe (series) Narrative, Novel Neal Shusterman
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.

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