How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Cycling Through AR Landscape)

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In the first episode, Moritz finds out his ex-girlfriend is dating a popular boy at school, Dan, because he can bring party drugs for her and her friends. Moritz jumps on his bike to ask his friend for help with a new plan of action. He is on a mission, which is visualised through the augmented reality he travels through to get there.

He first is shown as though he were a third person character in a videogame, through the camera movement, his actions, and the aesthetic surrounding the situation with bright and solid colours. On-screen, the video of Moritz cycling through a residential street has an overlay that includes a mini-map, cardinal directions at the top of the screen, and spaces for equipped items in the bottom right corner, looking like a video game. There are pink and yellow crystals dotted along the landscape, and progress bars at the bottom for Moritz's rival, Dan, and Moritz himself. Dan's progress bar shows he is far ahead of Moritz, but as Moritz collects crystals, by cycling over them so they fly up and turn into euro banknotes, he gains points and his progress bar fills up, eventually passing Dan's. 

In a way, one could speculate that this in itself—a bicycle ride to his friend to tell him of a plot to get a hold of drugs—is a way to foreshadow the rest of the series. The collectible “crystals” that turn into euros could be seen as a reference to the drugs he is about to collect and sell, and there are weapons around him which may or may not come into play.

He is a young man who suddenly enters a world beyond what he had been a part of up until this point.

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