The Normalizing Machine (Classifying Social Normalcy)

Brief description

The users body is scanned then in 5 iterations the user decides from a pair of similar scans which image is more normal, hence training the machine to recognize what is normal. In the last pair of images one of the images is of the user, hence one needs to define ones own normality. Thereafter the image is cropped and only the image of the face is moved to a second wall. This mug-shot is then further tiled to eyes, mouth nose etc. and matched into historical categories used to define tendencies for conducting crimes and race.


Aesthetic characteristics

Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
How does the machine vision function in a larger (societal/institutional/interpersonal) context
Is this now facial recognition in the presented context: Would be Oppressing and Predicting
But if we just consider the machine vision in the artwork in it self it would be: Informing/illustrating/demonstrating