How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Filtering in School Hallway)

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Early in the first episode we see Moritz, walking through a hallway in his high school, passing by fellow students, delivering a voiceover monologue about the possibilities of technology. It is presented as a powerful force and tool with seemingly unlimited possibilities. However: “And what do we do with it? Face swap."

While we are following Mortiz through the hallway, we see that most—if not all—of his fellow students are looking at their phones. What they are seeing on their screens is shown to the viewer. This gives an impression that Moritz, the narrator, is showing what modern-day technology is used for: filters and social media. This technology shows up on-screen, following the students, as in a version of augmented reality no-one but the viewer and possibly Moritz can see, or in Moritz’ case, perhaps imagine?

At the moment he mentions “face swap”, the camera that is following Moritz, the “viewer’s eye” into the narrative, is focused on a male and female student, who are using a face swap filter. Once again, instead of us seeing what they are seeing on their phone, the viewer is shown the face swap filter directly onto their faces, as though they had used augmented reality instead of just a smartphone.

Pull Quotes

Hi, I am Moritz Zimmermann.

I'm 17 years old

and this is my generation.

Generation Z.

Everyone here has the entirety
of mankind's knowledge in their pockets.

They could become famous
with a single click,

or change the world
without leaving their bedroom.

Limitless technological possibilities.

And what do we do with it?
Face swap!

No one tries to be special anymore.
And why should they?

Online, you can pretend you have
the most exciting life in the world,

- when in reality...
- Shit!

(Season 1, episode 1)

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Who does what?
This character
This technology
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.

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