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Situation Aesthetic characteristics
Klara and the Sun (Klara sees the world as partitioned) Boxes
AI Facial Profiling, Levels of Paranoia (classifying threat) Metallic, Mechanical, Authoritative
Deep Down Tidal (bias image search) Desktop-documentary, net.art, Collage
The Other Nefertiti (nefertiti hack) Cultural heritage, 3D
INTERHUMAN (latent walks) Portraits, Morphing
comeback (rejected by Instagram) Illustration, Morphing, Looping
The Zizi Show (creating Zizi) Smudged, Fragmented, Morphing
Salaf (erasing stereotypical narratives) Archive, black-and-white, Silhouettes
Artificial Remnants 2.0 (generating new specimens of insects) 3D, Organic
Masked Reality (generating masks) Saturated, Smudged, Overlay, Masked, Cultural heritage
HOW TO EDIT YOUR SELFIES (overlaying filters) Distorted, Fragmented, Portraits, Grid, Screenshots
The Argus Project (armor with cameras) Military, Futuristic
Zanan Disruption (placing statues) Streetview, Wide-angle, 3D
The Most Beautiful Women (replacing faces) Overlay, Neoclassical
Future Tense: AI from the margins (oppressive AI) Desktop-documentary
The Human Detector (avoiding detection) Graphic, Minimalistic
No More Selfies (Drone attack)
Autonomous (Paladin loses facial recognition)
Autonomous (Paladin in love)
Autonomous (Paladin hacks the sprinklers)
Attack Surface (Drones surveilling protest)
Black Widow (Taskmaster's HUD display)
Remote Control (Sankofa kills drone)
Attack Surface (Assumption of constant surveillance)
Attack Surface (Dazzle makeup)