Description (in English)

The serie is based on the webtoon with the same name, and is the story of a police officer whose attempt to bring down a nationwide criminal organization but get ambushed in his home and loses his eyes and everything he holds dear. His new technologically augmented eyes give him extra powers, to look through walls, predict actions and more, and he uses his new powers to hunt those who took everything away. 

Removed and deleted the character Park Sung-woong as it is the actors name and repalced it with the character name Hwang Deuk-Gu. Added missing characters. Matched situations and tech (there is probably more MV tech in the series, but as the list is already long I only added the ones referenced in the situations). I added Overwhelming and Neutral to the sentiments. Overwhelming because the protagonist is learning to live with the optical implant and its AI features and is often overwhelmed by the information overload until he learns to control various features. Neutral I used because the optical implant is used in investigations and a the data is perceived as objective scientific or forensic evidence and the MV tech is not questioned.(Linda)

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