Rugal (Bradley look at a 3D scan of the eye)

Brief description

Kang Ki-beom is in a lab setting where several of his brain parts are scanned and monitored. There are X-rays, some kind of MR-scans and micro/nano scans of neurons, cells and DNA. This set-up is shown often as his health and situation with the optical/AI implant are monitored by his team. There is also a 3D scan of the optical implant. (Episode 9, 20:04)

After Kang Ki-beom comes out of a dream that he thought was real Bradley recommends that they reset the visual data of the eye, this should fix any memory distortion. On his tablet he starts the process. However, the reset causes memory deletion and Kang Ki-beom can see with the optical implant how images are deleted from the AI. He panics and plugs him self of the body scan system to stop the erasure of memories/data.

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Rugal Narrative, TV series or episode Studio Dragon
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Not machine P.O.V.
This situation was not fully described. After watching the scene I added tech, characters and verbs and added to the description a clarification of the situation. (Linda)

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