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"Artificial Intelligence has permeated every aspect of planetary life in 2030. Tokyoites experience AI in every aspect of their lives whether medical, finance, transportation or their personal and day-to-day interactions. Many would tell you that AI is indispensable. Yet, as is often the case with technology jumping the gun on ethics and rules AI spins out of control and causes calamity after calamity. The city and the country are in chaos.", retrieved August 27, 2020


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AI technology is increasingly used. In the future, it will definitely go deeper into our lives, as part of medical imaging diagnosis. From around 2015, deep learning technology makes AI's ability to recognize humans to a higher level, from endoscopy, skin diseases, etc, pathological diagnosis and even fungus examination, these areas have successively incorporated AI into practical life. Japan started from 2020, and gradually put AI into practical use, and this trend will probably grow faster.

In the middle case is the new core server. "Hope" users across Japan, more than 80% of the total population, a huge profile of the population, accumulate in nanoseconds every day, and is stored in this storage device. The AI "Hope" uses this information for self-directed learning and send instructions to users or medical institutions. [...] There is a camera inside, you can also read the identification program or the appearance of people. It watches everyone's life.

There are still opposition parties... it can be said that it is the new Luddist movement. People who claimed their jobs were taken away launched a movement to destroy the machinery. But now there are more people thanking AI. After all, thanks to "hope", even serious illnesses can be cured.

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